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The Josefina de la Torre Municipal Library turns on the video console
  • The headquarters of Paseo de Las Canteras hosts today Friday 25 and tomorrow Saturday 26 'Bibliogaming', an initiative that comes from the hand of Inexus Arena and allows you to enjoy different video games, from the classic Arcade for the most nostalgic, to the latest e-Sports.

  • Access to the activity, part of the summer programme of the Municipal Network of Libraries, "Ola de letras", will be free until full capacity is reached.

The Josefina de la Torre Municipal Library is hosting 'Bibliogaming'. An activity for video game lovers that, both today Friday 25 August and tomorrow Saturday 26 August, will transform the Paseo de Las Canteras venue into a centre where technology and virtual reality will be mixed between pages of books. Access to the facilities will be free until full capacity is reached on both days.

The Councillor for Culture of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Adrián Santana, has enjoyed this afternoon in first person this initiative that is part of "Ola de letras", the summer programme of the Municipal Libraries Network. Inexus Arena directs this original proposal which, as the councillor pointed out, "reaffirms the identity of the libraries as centres of social transformation and meeting places for the community in which a wide variety of cultural and artistic disciplines have a place, as well as being spaces for creation and citizen participation, which the City Council seeks to promote".

The venue, which is located in Agatha Christie Square, in the area of La Cícer, opened its doors this morning to the virtual world through two days that are "designed for all audiences, with the aim of sharing fun and also strategies" among participants who can enjoy different video games, from the Arcade classics for the more nostalgic to the latest e-Sports. For this purpose, more than twenty screens, three retro consoles and four Arcade machines have been installed, as well as several PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. In addition, there are virtual reality glasses that will allow you to experiment with these devices.

Bibliogaming' has areas adapted to different age groups which, until 20:00 on Friday evening, are dedicated to free play. Tomorrow Saturday will be a different story. A Street Fighter, FIFA 2023 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament will kick off at 11:30 am, in which gamers will be able to measure their skills and abilities. However, those who do not wish to compete will also have the opportunity to take part in the activity, which will run non-stop from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The event will put the finishing touch to the weekly agenda of activities that will face its final stretch on Tuesday 29 August, when the board games workshop 'Let's play! On Wednesday the last meeting of 'Fun Science' will take place, while on Thursday you can enjoy 'Afternoons with Aida'. These three workshops, which will always start at 18:00 hours, will be the culmination of the fourth edition of "Ola de letras", the second to be held in the Josefina de la Torre Municipal Library after originally occupying a marquee next to the beach. The programme, which can be consulted in full at, began on 4 July and, since then, the Las Canteras branch has featured numerous cultural and leisure activities which, from Tuesday to Saturday, have helped to make the heat more bearable.

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